Chapter 1 Course information

This is the course material for STAT115/215 BIO/BST282 at Harvard University.
All the YouTube videos in this course are organized under the 2021 STAT115 playlist.

1.1 Contributors

Xiaole Shirley Liu Harvard University and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
Joshua Starmer StatQuest
Martin Hemberg Wellcome Sanger Institute
Ting Wang Washington University
Feng Yue Northwestern University
Gad Getz Harvard University and Broad Institute

Ming Tang
Yang Liu
Bo Yuan
Jack Kang
Scarlett Qian
Jiazhen Rong
Phillip Nicol
Maartin De Vries

We thank many colleagues in the community, who helped Dr. Liu in prepare the STAT115/215 BIO/BST282 course over the years. Some of the lecture slides acknowledged their contributions, but these contributors are not individually acknowledged here.